We provide consultancy services in the global supply chain, sourcing, logistics and project management areas. We help organizations drive supply chain elasticity and innovation by identifying and managing supply chain risks. Our supply chain Innovation professionals enable revenue assurance through cost effective methods in developing a more flexible and sustainable supply chain for our customers.


Our project leaders bring insights and perspectives and expertise to lead the most effective initiatives. We collaborate closely with customers leaders and organizational stakeholders to understand their business and develop a better solution specifically for their business by using current methodologies and technologies. Gatis just acquired an exploration license from the ministry of mines in Zambia with the rights to explore Emeralds, Copper, Cobalt,Silver, Nickel, and Gold in the Luanshya, Kitwe and Lufwanyama areas, known for the best highest-grade minerals in the world.

Deep Mining

Valuable Minerals and Resources

As technology continues to improve, deep mining techniques are becoming safer and more efficient, allowing miners to extract minerals from greater depths with greater precision and control. As a result, deep mining is likely to remain a vital part of the mining industry for many years to come.


At GATIS, Factors such as rock instability, equipment failure, and natural hazards can pose significant safety risks to workers. As a result, deep mining operations require rigorous safety protocols and continuous monitoring to minimize the risk of accidents or incidents.

Specialized Equipment

This type of mining is typically used for minerals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, and lead, which are found in veins or deposits deep beneath the Earth's surface. At GATIS, this Deep mining requires specialized equipment and techniques to ensure the safety of the workers and the efficient extraction of the minerals.